Day 9 ~ WFW Morning Session #greatfiction


Good morning writers,

This morning we are continuing to add to our characters and their storyline. Not every story has a perfectly packaged ending. Not every book is a happily ever after story. In the novel I am working on I write about loss and horrendous experiences. Today we are really honing in what is at stake for our character.

”What’s at stake?” is that question that makes our readers stay with the story. What does our main character or several of our characters have to go through to arrive at the ending?

These writing prompts may be used for your primary and secondary characters–your protagonist and antagonist:

Writing prompt: What my character wants more than anything else in the world is… the thing they are searching for is… how will they obtain it or not? (set timer for 25 minutes… BEGIN! Keep repeating prompt until you have the answers).

HAPPY NANOWRIMO! We begin today. What does this mean? You sign up and you cut and paste everything you have written for the day for your story. Nanowrimo is intended to be fun. It is something we can share as a community. We are not beating ourselves up. It’s not a contest… it’s about pushing ourselves and seeing all we actually can achieve in 30 days. Sign up here and find buddies in our group:

Have a beautiful morning!


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