Day 10 ~ WFW Morning Session


Good morning writers,

Great characters make us keep reading. One of my favorite books, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, introduces many amazing characters that the main character Santiago will meet on his journey. Fatima, a King, the stones, thieves, the Alchemist, the glass shop keeper and etc. all significant in their own way. Compelling stories have trials the character(s) must face. We want our readers to be with our characters every step of the way. There are things our character(s) will go up against… forces… situations….

Writing prompt: The greatest obstacles my character will face… (what are the events that get in our characters way? List as many as you can think of… but more importantly how will our character obtain what they are in search of? How will they grow? What will they learn? What mistakes will they make over and over again? Will they succeed or fail? Who is a threat to them? And how?)

These writing prompts may be used for your primary and secondary characters–your protagonist and antagonist (set timer for 25 minutes… BEGIN! Keep repeating prompt until you have the answers).

Have a beautiful morning!


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