Day 12 ~ WFW Morning Session

Good morning writers,

Two words… Plot Treatment!

I am incredibly excited to receive all the work you have done these past couple of weeks.

*DUE Nov. 4th: Plot treatment to Iyawo by end of day today. Please review syllabus for submission/formatting requirements. Please send/share with me via google docs.

Today we are staying with our characters.

Writing prompt: Of the many mistakes my character has made… this by far is the greatest…

2nd prompt: How has this mistake benefited my character (or not)? What has s/he discovered/learned from this experience? Has s/he learned anything?

These writing prompts may be used for your primary and secondary characters–your protagonist and antagonist (set timer for 25 minutes… BEGIN! Keep repeating prompt until you have the answers).

Have an amazing day!


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