I woke up thinking about you today. You were present during my meditation, prayers and yoga. I can hear you. I can see your tears. I feel you. You are not alone, yet this work requires you to go there alone. I have read your emails, see your light shining through your writing, I know your story… inside and out. I am you!
Today I am called to offer a prompt that I pray helps you to explore what ails you. Don’t be afraid. And if you are scared… that’s OK… lets go there together.
This writing prompt is for those wanting to write a personal essay on LOVE! Set a timer for 20 minutes… (you cannot lift the pen off the page, or remove your fingers from keyboard. Just keep writing. No deleting. No censoring. No self-editing. Even when its uncomfortable–WRITE! Even when it hurts–WRITE!
Writing prompt: If I allowed myself to be loved… I would…
Things to explore…
What does this love look like?
What would I let go of?
What would I stop believing?
What would I stop telling myself?
What would I allow myself to have?
To be loved would feel like…
I would love to read what you write–email it to me if you’d like at
With love,

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