Day 14 ~ WFW Morning Session #writercheckin

We have spent this week getting to know our characters better. Today we are going to spend time reflecting on what we have worked on for the past two weeks and where we believe we are with our writing.
Writing prompts:
1. The discoveries I’ve made this week are… (5 minutes) – – What discoveries have you made in your writing?
2. What rose for me that I didn’t expect… (5 minutes) — What rose for me that I wasn’t ready for?
3. My story took a turn… (5 minutes) — Did your story take a turn? Where did your story take you? Really go there…
4. How are you feeling about your story? (5 minutes) — Let’s be honest… are you still excited about our story? Are you feeling blocked? Is your story frustrating you? How are you feeling?
5. The themes I keep noticing are… (3 minutes) — Now that you have transcribed your work what have you noticed keeps coming up? What are the themes you keep noticing?
6. As I get ready for my WFW session what I really want to focus on today is… (1 minute) — What do you need? Where do you want to go with your writing? This is your personal intention.
See you soon!

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