Day 15 ~ WFW Morning Session ~ #plotdevelopment

Yesterday we spent time exploring and writing about universal/emotional truths. (Please check your email for link to recording). This week our prompts will be centered on setting, building plot and scene development.

As writers, we have a plan for our characters, a place we think they will go, a place we want them to go, but in the process of writing we discover that they have a mind of their own. We must allow them to show us the world as they see it. Today we will look at one scene or several scenes and where they are set. I want you to write about where the scene takes place. For example in Parsley, my story is set in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, my scenes take place in several places, during different time periods; a batey, the beach, shopping trips etc. Allow for your scenes to unfold.

What I don’t want to read: This scene takes place in Bushwick. She is in a living room in the projects. My character is from an immigrant’s family.

I want to read about: What Bushwick looks like, feels like. Describe the streets. She lived on Schaeffer Street across from her elementary school, P.S. 45. She couldn’t help but notice that she was surrounded by bricks and fences. It looked more like a prison than a school. What year is it? It’s 1971. I want to feel the plastic underneath her skin as she sits down on the couch. I want to see the paneling and flowered covered wall paper on the wall. I want to know about the nosy neighbor chino (through dialogue–what am I hearing), with his six chihuahuas and his seven kids. I want to learn more about how she was too young to understand that most people in her hood pay rent. Why the faces in her neighborhood looked familiar. How the adults only spoke Spanish, and the children did the translating. How the hallway smelled of Puerto Rican rum and cola.

Use all the senses. (see, taste, smell, hear, feel)

Writing prompt: This scene takes place… (What do we see? What do we taste? What do we smell? What do we hear? What do we feel?).

Use this prompt for all the scenes you are developing in your story. (15 minutes – set timer BEGIN)

Have a magnificent day!



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