No time to waste! On Setting Writing Goals… #wfw2017

What are your writing goals?

What WILL YOU have, create, do, accomplish, complete and write this year?

As we welcome 2017 let’s begin by simply coming to the page. For those of you who believe in spiritual manifestations when it comes to creativity and birthing ideas. This is the year of COMPLETION! This is the year of HARD WORK! This is the year of having the life we WILL to be ours! This is a wonderful time, the first week of the year, to begin our projects, this is the year we FINISH what we start!


Writing fom the Womb – FREE WORKSHOP


We will set writing goals (daily, monthly, yearly)!

We will get to writing…

We will reflect…

We will share…

And then some more writing…


Join me this Sunday, Jan 8th @ 12pm for the FREE Writing from the Womb Workshop. (The cap for WFW Session II is – six writers.)

WFW Session II is about FINISHING IT!

To attend the FREE WFW Session – Jan. 8th please RSVP by Jan. 6th – email .

Meeting dates for WFW Session II: Birthing the Story: On stamina, focus, and completion. (Please note: this is a writing intensive course–goal oriented!)

Week 1 – Jan. 29

Week 2 – Feb. 5

Week 3 – Feb. 19

Week 4 – Feb. 26

Week 5 – Mar. 12

Week 6 – Mar. 26


There’s no time to waste!



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