THIS IS THE YEAR I PUBLISH #WFW2017 #52essays2017 #52risks


You want to be a writer!

You dream of writing!

You haven’t told anyone that you have always wanted to write!

You are scared of writing!

You worry what people will think of you!

You have an amazing idea that would make a great book and an even better lifetime movie!

You have so many ideas yet you don’t know which one to pick or where to even begin!

You doubt your abilities!

You believe you suck!

You have lots of reasons why you can’t get to the page from family obligations to the laundry that must get done–and you would never let anyone do your laundry for you!

You are filled with doubt and uncertainty about whether you should even try!

Guess what–I AM a writer and I have felt and said these things on more than one occasion, but at the end of the day what I know to be the absolute truth is that I AM A WRITER every single day.

Writing a novel can be daunting. Writing anything can be daunting. The hardest thing for any writer is to SIT DOWN in that chair and face the blank page. The page can indeed be scary, what’s even scarier are the things we tell ourselves about why we can’t write and why we shouldn’t write.

I have gone through a series of reasons why I can’t get any writing done or why I don’t have enough time to finish that writing project. There is no excuse a fellow writer can throw my way that I haven’t already exhausted. From raising a daughter as a single parent, working full time, being the sole provider, family responsibilities, depression, relationships, cleaning the house, saying to myself I am ONLY going to watch one episode of that favorite show on HGTV and then 5 episodes later I finally turn it off.

I have to constantly remind myself of the promises I have made to myself–that THIS IS THE YEAR I PUSH MY WRITING further than it has ever gone. THIS IS THE YEAR I take more risks with my writing! THIS IS THE YEAR I get up from bed and go directly to my writer’s nook and WRITE! NO EXCUSES! NO FEAR! And even when fear does rise for me bring her with me to the chair and SIT DOWN!

Everyday I must remember my vow to myself.


This is a different intention than just writing. Writing is only one important part. This is the year I put my writing out there in a more visible way!

I woke up thinking about the women I write with daily, my accountability sisters, the writers I hold space for in the NYC Latina Writers Group and the writers who attend the workshops I facilitate. Writing can be daunting. THIS IS HARD WORK! Yet it doesn’t need to feel tedious or impossible or unattainable.We don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone else and the level of writing they may or may not be at. There is no race we don’t need to rush.  There is no competition for what we are called to create. This is our journey. We are the captains of this writing ship. We don’t have to worry about someone else writing about something we have been dying to write. Our voice is ours and no one person owns the rights to a specific story. We can write our truths OUR WAY! We are writers!


I am ecstatic about beginning a new round of writing from the womb because I believe that this is the year we keep our promises to ourselves. This year we write for us! THIS IS THE YEAR WE FINISH WHAT WE START!

Fourteen women have said yes to their writing this year! I can’t wait to meet them and get to work on mapping out how we get to the finish line! For information of Writing from the Womb come to our FREE Workshop tomorrow, Jan. 8th. (click on WFW link for more info and to rsvp).

And so it is!


With love


P.S. I love me a challenge. For years I have been infamous for setting writing goals publicly on my blogs. To date I have over 1,100 essays, and posts on and  585 essays and blog posts on I have written my ass off! This year I decided to take on my dear friend and comadre, Vanessa Martir’s #52essays2017 challenge, but I have added a deeper goal for myself: THIS IS THIS YEAR I WILL PUBLISH! This challenge is about me taking #52risks in terms of my writing. This year is about me getting published. What does this look like? I will submit essays, queries, apply to grants and fellowships and go for a combined #52risks in total for the year! Feels scary amazing. I know I can do this. I have been preparing for a long time. I have done the work. #52risks starting today! I will share and post the risks I take in my writing periodically #writingrisk.


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