Self Care as a Form of Resistance!

The NYC Latina Writers Group is honored to announce the 3rd Annual Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat ~ Self Care as a Form of Resistance!

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” ~ Audre Lorde


This year’s theme: Self Care as a Form of Resistance!

During this time of political uncertainty, fear and complete disregard for humanity, now more than ever we must make the time to care for ourselves. We often hear that self care is selfish, that putting our needs before others is “self-indulgent”, yet it is all about survival. What do flight attendants remind us to do before take off, “place your oxygen mask first before helping others”.

As women of color we are constantly fighting oppression, being marginalized and invisibilized. We protest! We fight microaggressions everyday! We are on the front lines doing the work to ensure that our people are safe. We are activists, teachers, and mothers. We are overwhelmed with the many bombs the media drops; our black boys being murdered, immigrants being assaulted, hate crimes against LGBT people, and women being violated. With all of this, how do we take care of ourselves? How can we find balance and at the same time find peace, solace and even happiness amidst all of the uncertainty?

This weekend is designed to give you what you need to recharge, create and work on projects that are important to you.

Join us for this year’s Sankofa Sisterhood Writer’s Retreat

Friday, May 26 – Monday, May 29, 2017

In the Catskill Mountains you will be provided a sacred space to create, hone and nurture your craft surrounded by the feminine. In order to access true creativity we must tap into a source that often feels unattainable to us in our day to day lives.

This retreat offers:

Workshops, private time for writing and working on personal projects, relaxation, solitude and community. We have a private chef (Ysanet Batista, of Woke Foods), yoga, meditation, baths; and new this year Reiki with Mariposa!


Women of Color.

Writers who need time and space to write.

Women who need a break to nourish their creativity, body, mind and soul.

Writers who have works they would like to complete.

Women seeking the support and encouragement of “writing in community.”

Retreat accommodations and payments:

$525 + $50 refundable security deposit (Shared rooms / shared beds – 4 rooms available)

$600 + $50 refundable security deposit (Single rooms – 2 rooms NOT AVAILABLE)

DISCOUNTED RATE: $350 + $50 refundable security deposit (Common space sofa beds available)

To register send payment to: or via quickpay (


Feb. 26th — $100 non refundable deposit due to hold your spot.

Apr. 26th — Payment in full plus refundable security deposit due.


OPTION 1: Early bird special $50 discount off the $525 or $625 rate – due March 15th.

OPTION 2: Payment in full due April 26th.

OPTION 3: Payment plan – 4 payments of the balance due by April 26th. (send four payments of $118.75 3/31, 4/7, 4/14, 4/21 or 4/26)

Send payments: or quickpay (

RSVP Deposit $100.00 USD

Refundable Insurance – security deposit $50.00 USD

Must cancel after paying in full or making payments? If you cancel more than 30 days before the retreat begins, we will return your payment minus the non-refundable deposit. If you cancel within 30 days of the retreat, we will not refund any monies but you are welcome to sell or give away your spot, contingent upon the writer filling out the questionnaire and acceptance.

We look forward to hosting an amazing weekend filled with creativity, nourishment, inspiration and productivity!

If you have any questions please email:

Follow us on Facebook: Sankofa Sisterhood Writer’s Retreat

Warmest regards,

The Sankofa Organizers




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