Where were you in 1995?

Do you remember where you were in 1995?

Who were you in 1995?

This week some triggers are rising for me. I watched the OJ Simpson trial series on Netflix and it was A LOT!!! In 1995 I was living in Providence, RI and worked at an elementary school when the trial was just getting started and I was starting to begin my life as a single woman and single mother. I was 23 years old and my daughter was 3 when I experienced the ugliest form of humiliation.

Before becoming a survivor of rape I was a victim… that moment brought on many feelings. I moved from shame to hate, hate to rage, rage to fury, fury to insanity. I felt humiliated. I felt filthy. I felt that I deserved it.

Did I ask for it?


I asked him to leave!

I asked him to walk out that door and never look back!

But he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t leave without taking what he believed was his right. He believed he was entitled to my body!

This is why consent is a term that we must talk about with men–in locker rooms, on fields, at college parties, with frat bros wherever whenever.

Men, you are not entitled to a woman’s body! If she blacks out this is a NO! If you take her anyway YOU ARE A RAPIST!

Chapter 4 available on soundcloud: Finding Your Force A Journey to Love  (Trigger warning)

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