The Afrolatina Show – Ep. 04 #afrolatinashow

This week on The Afrolatina Show (Ep. 04) we talk about the many ways we are told that we do not belong.

y mami me dijo que yo soy su niña bella

con el Pelo Bueno.

That I have that “GOOD hair!”

Which must mean I don’t get discriminated against…

And that I really pass for white…

We are taught to the hate the skin we were born in

That our hair is bad…

That hers is preferred

She is acceptable

De buena presencia……

esa si parece gente…

A true beauty

No ass

White skin

Features perfect.

Because my wide hips

These large lips

The kink in my curl

Is seen as UGLY…

A lot is expected of you when you are told that you have good hair…

You’re the one who’s supposed to save the entire family…

It’s not your place!!!

Go back to your country!!!

I often wonder why mami y papi even came to America…

For opportunity – they said

for a better way of life – they said

to raise a family – they said

para mejorar la raza… they said

I mean mejorar la vida… they said…

because where they’re from…

life is hard

where they’re from

poverty is found in the growling of stomachs…

leaving mangos y cocos

for brick and constant struggle

Speak English this is AMERICA!

learn their language

only to deport our own

They made this land home

A place that doesn’t want us

stripping us from our native tongue

they could never take the afrolatina from my veins

The bachata from my step

You can’t get rid of us…

we built this! 

By Alicia Anabel Santos


Check out the episode and please share your thoughts.  The Afrolatina Show (Ep. 04).


Copyright © 2017 by Alicia Anabel Santos


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