The Blank Page #courage #write


The blank page! Have you ever sat in front of the blank page scared to begin? Uncertain about what to say or where you are going? There are days a trigger sets me off, takes me back and with urgent fury the words come out in desperation-quick-fast. And then there are days where I open my journal to write and internally I use words to convince myself that I have nothing to say.
There is always something to say.
We must remind ourselves often that what we indeed have something to say. And that what we have to say is a MUST and IT MATTERS.
“…you can’t know if its going to work. You can’t know if it’s good, or has the potential to be good.”
“We are in mid-dive and the words are the water below.” ~ Dani Shapiro
Today’s prompt:
What lies beneath… (This can be used for personal journaling or for our characters).
What lies beneath… BEGIN!

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