FYF ~ Chapters 12 & 13: When We Allow People to Take Our Power #audiobook #FYFLOVE


“I often think about what we ALL do for a living and how we live our lives. Most people are working to live and living to work. But are they happy in their present jobs? Are they happy in their relationships? Are they happy with the way their lives have turned out? Are they happy with who they are and how they show up in the world? Are people happy? Are people doing things that bring them joy?”

“There are so many people living unfulfilled lives afraid to even begin living. Happiness is that treasure that Santiago in The  Alchemist seeks. It’s waiting for us. I think it’s necessary to just

START. Start where you are. Start anywhere. Start somewhere and once you get started keep it moving. Happiness is that thing we have been working so hard for. Happiness is found at the

beginning, during and at the end of the journey. Happiness is starting that major project and following it through to its conclusion and knowing that once we get there we’re not done YET.”

Chapter 13 ~ Part 2

When we allow people to take our power…

“That better be the last time you make me spend $60 dollars on your stuff. I know it was for you! I feel like I’m dealing with one of my drug addict patients who lie all the time to get what they want—lying to get drugs!”

“What did you just fucking say to me? What did you call me? YO! Put my daughter back on the phone! Baby, I’m so happy you got your stuff. Mommy’s gotta go I’ll call you tonight. I love you.”

That shit stopped me dead in my tracks. I literally froze right where I stood on the street. I looked at my phone and felt the rage rising inside of me. I was so mad that I cried from the fury. He was so lucky you were with him. I wanted to go off on him. Once I got into our apartment it was like a volcanic eruption. It came out of me full force. I punched the wall, cut open my knuckles. I really wanted to put my fist through that wall.”

Chapters 12 & 13 are available FREE ~ Finding Your Force A Journey to Love

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