Sometimes Writers Just Need Support! #WFWWritein

Yesterday was our last WFW Writing Workshop for this round and it was intense, beautiful, and inspiring. Six writers journeyed with me for the past three months to explore genres they have never written. These writers chose to expand. To be uncomfortable. To grow as writers. We wrote flash fiction, essay, and short story. They leave this round with three works that they have put there blood and sweat in. They worked hard! It has been an absolute honor for me to serve as their midwife.

One of the things that happens at the end of a writing workshop is that we often return to old habits, we return to our lives and meeting writing goals, creating characters and building worlds is no longer pressing–the commitment to writing shifts.

So I offered to continue to support my writers until I go away for the summer and am inviting you to join us!

I am thrilled to announce the Writing from the Womb ~ Write In.

Those of us who create understand that there is a desperate need to give birth to the thing. JOIN US each night where we write in community and know that we are not alone.

We will write Monday’s – Friday, 9:00PM – 10:00PM EST

WFW Write In is gender inclusive! Everyone is welcome!


Writing from the Womb Write In

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