The Afrolatina Show ~ Ep. 06: Good Girls Stay Quiet #afrolatinashow

I believed my anger made me ugly

My rage repulsive

My fury the reason for my misfortune

She was born

so i tried to be softer

Prettier quiet

Spirit gave me a new path to follow


When you’re someone who was born with closed palms

white knuckles

Fist to flesh

Skin under finger nails

Some kids pack a lunch

school bags filled with journals and textbooks

All they need

Prepared for the day

I was all

vaseline, rings, and knives in your pocket

preparing for life

You learn early on that you are living in a war zone

It’s us against them

First it was blacks against whites

Then it was latinas against black girls

Then it was them against all of us

and we were are ALL black or mexican

When my daughter was born

i vowed that i’d be different

I would work on getting rid of all the pain

all the hurt

I would fight less

I would be less


Feeling less than

Being less than

Experiencing less than

Living less than

LESS THAN became a theme

a mantra

I believed my anger made me ugly



big girls don’t cry

Welcome to the Afrolatina Show! Check out this week’s episode 6 on Rage and Anger!

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