FYF ~ Chapter 19 #FYFLove #audiobook

When your transformation

is a threat to others.

On establishing partnerships.

How to see and know

the intentions of others.

And how to deal with those

who try to stifle us

The importance of surrounding yourself by the right people. People who will lift you. “She’s got it!!! She’s finally got it!” That’s what you said under your breath as you watched me from behind your video camera. That was the last day we ever worked together. I’ve always thought about that moment. How I was transforming right before your eyes. There was something you saw that day that I wish you had given me. There was something that you saw happening that I wish you had told me. I felt like you withheld that moment from me. You stole that moment from me. I did feel like something shifted. I felt like we hit a wall. The creativity was halted. I felt like something out of my control was interfering and impeding my growth. Perhaps it was how fast I was growing that scared you. Something was keeping me from moving forward and I felt like it was stopping my growth and my writing. It felt like something was attempting to stop me from moving forward.

Screenshot 2017-04-16 at 10.21.17 AM

To listen to chapter ~ FYF

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