FYF ~ Chapters 22: It’s Right There! #FYFLove #audiobook #dreams

I was like the song…

Closer to My Dreams


The day I married myself: Together we will only attract gentle life lessons, gentle people and gentle experiences that add to our life not drain us. Together we will continue to work at setting boundaries for the person you are today. We are truly one in body, mind and spirit. We have a mission to spread love and light. There is no need to worry about how we’ll get there, just trust and know that we will. Keep your faith bright. Know that I got you! I accept you, I love you, and I wouldn’t change you for anything. Keep taking us forward. You are a force. I vow to keep my focus inwards and upwards and I will try not to get lost somewhere in the middle. I vow to give you all of me. I love who you are and I love who you are becoming!!! I vow to be patient with you and with others… to love, respect, accept, and honor the truth of others, while honoring what’s true for me. I am no longer afraid of endings because I know that the end of anything is the beginning of something new, something beautiful and something magnificent. May the words I speak, and put onto the page be received with all the love intended. My vow as a mother is that I will raise Courtney to be the most magnificent, divine image of perfection this lifetime has ever seen. The gift that is my beloved daughter is the greatest blessing and best love I’ve ever known. She is the purest, truest and most perfect image of me.

Listen to Finding Your Force A Journey To Love, Chapter 22

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