FYF ~ Chapters 27: When Anxiety Swallows You! #FYFLove #audiobook

When you forget who you are, allow me to remind you.

When you’re afraid of your greatness… I will show you all you’ve achieved!

and then, when you get close… that moment when you actually taste it!

I was giving myself an anxiety attack and in that moment I stopped. I stopped doing all that I was doing! “Step away from the laptop ALICIA!” I took a break and sat with you to watch TV. We talked about how I was feeling. I said, “I’m so mad at myself. I’m supposed to get this done and sent. I don’t want the editor to think I’m not serious or that I’m not working hard on this story.” Lovingly you said, “You are serious mommy! You are working hard! You’re not giving yourself credit! You’re not even paying attention to me because you’re thinking about this project! You’re doing stuff!” I heard myself say, you don’t understand how badly I want this. As I said that I was looking around our house at all of the projects that I am working on. I saw just how much I’ve accomplished. I was surrounded by everything that we have accomplished together. “I have never wanted anything this badly. I have never worked this hard on anything. You just don’t understand. I don’t want to be good at this – I WANT TO BE GREAT AT IT!” I cried a little and finally said is this what greatness feels like? Is this what greatness tastes like? As I was saying those words in that exact moment I actually believed them! In that very moment it no longer was about achieving greatness for anyone else. It was about pushing past that feeling, releasing all the words that don’t serve me, kicking fear right in the crack of its ass and pushing myself beyond my own limitations or the limits that others have placed on me. It became about ME pushing me and doing it FOR ME. It was about completion.

As I’ve completed project after project after project, I am no longer AFRAID OF MY GREATNESS!

Finding Your Force A Journey To Love, Chapter 27 is available.

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