FYF ~ Chapter 28: Hitting That Wall Over and Over! #FYFLove #audiobook

This was an incredible gift and opportunity. Why was I afraid? What is it that I’m most afraid of? FAILING!!! I am afraid of failing you, failing my family, failing myself, failing my friends and failing at life.

It’s not an easy task to follow our hearts desire when we allow fear to set in. Believing that we’re not worthy of having it. There will be moments where it hurts. In the end it’s NOT seeking, NOT searching, NOT going for it and NOT realizing our FULL potential that is the greatest pain of ALL. I was thinking about the many times I’ve hit the same wall over and over again. I’ve discovered that one of the reasons that happens to me is that I’ve been distracted by life. I’ve allowed many little things to take my attention away from where I’m headed. And what I’ve learned is that I needed to get back to me. We must constantly and continuously keep getting ready.

YOU GOT THIS! We ain’t wasting no more time!

Finding Your Force A Journey To Love, CHAP 28 is available on SoundCloud FREE.

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