FYF ~ Chapter 29: How Long Will We Stay?

My word during meditation was NON JUDGEMENT. I was coming to the end of my session and was in prayer position when the words that came into my mind stopped me mid-thought. I stopped to write them down:


You push me to show you.

You push me to say.

You push me to speak.

You push me to prove.

You push me to share.

You push me to love.

You push me to tell you.

You push me around.

You push too hard.

You push me to push you back.

You push me to pull away.


And the word that followed those thoughts was:


Be patient Alicia.

But PATIENCE does not mean push over.

Patience does not mean I allow you to walk all over me.

So here I am again in a familiar place.

Am I going to walk away or step up and say DON’T PUSH ME!

I will stand here and not walk away this time…

but I will let you know…

please STOP pushing me I do PUSH BACK!

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