Chapter 31: Healing Our Internal Wounds

Screenshot 2017-04-30 at 9.38.30 PM

Today is a fresh start. Yesterday is gone. Today I choose to see my day unfold the way I want it to be. Thank you for allowing me to wake up and greet another day. I know that I was born to answer this call and that through my writing I am healed and will heal others. And perhaps that thought scares me a little… the thought that I am responsible to write in a way that affects others… but I can release all fear. I know that I control nothing. Allow me to be a vessel. Send the words through me that you would have me write. Reveal to me my path. Thy will be done… and so it is~


Let it be filled with love.

Finding Your Force A Journey To Love, CHAP 31 is available on SoundCloud FREE.

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