21 Day Writing Challenge ~ Trans Siberian Railway

It’s that time of year again. This is the point on my writer’s journey where I look for new ways to challenge myself to get back to the page. Writing can be grueling. Sometimes things come up that sabotage our process. The sole purpose of creating a 21 Day Writing Challenge is to have some fun in the process. For 21 days we will be on a writing journey together. We don’t have to do this alone. I am challenging you to come write with me everyday. I am challenging you to establish rituals that work for you everyday for 21 days. I am challenging you to set writing goals for our time together. I am challenging you to honor you every single day.

Several years ago I did a 60 Day Writing Challenge and went to the mountains of Nepal. I wrote 60 blog posts and pushed myself in the process. This is a fictional journey and you are expected to play, imagine and enjoy the process of writing–but mostly its about the finished product!

What the 21 day challenge is: The Trans Siberian Railway ~ 21 Day Writing Challenge

For the next three weeks we will be traveling on the Trans Siberian Railway. The Trans Siberian Railway is the longest train route in the world. It journeys between Moscow and Vladivostok, covering 9,258km (6,152 miles). Some folks can make the trip in a week. But we are going to to take three, with stops along the way to enjoy the sights, meet people in our travels and work on our stories. You will be setting writing goals for the three weeks, it can be one goal per week, or one project/story the entire span of the challenge. That’s entirely up to you. (My goals for the three weeks are 3 essays).

How it works: Every morning I will post a blog post with messages, images, prompts and instructions for the day.

Since we will be on a train it will be important to schedule time on your calendar so that you can get your daily writing done. My hope is that you commit to your stories and our time together–21 days will fly by quick.

Why writers should join:

We all need support. Some of us excel writing in community. Join me for a fun writing experience.

I have completed many projects during train rides and I hope you will too. My intention over the next 21 days is to show you how much you can accomplish by creating a daily writing ritual.

We begin on June 9th and it’s FREE–to register for the 21 days on the #Trans-Siberian #Railway #transsiberian Writing Challenge email: findingyourforce@gmail.com and in the subject line type: I AM IN!

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See you on the 9th!!!



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