Prompt 1: Heading to Russia

Dear Courtney,

I’m sitting at the airport thinking about you and remembering certain moments of our life together. Your deepest desire for me has always been that I complete a book. That’s the thing that you have always wanted most for me as a writer, that I finish something. I’m finally doing it. 2017 is the year that I complete my first novel. Now, I realize that writing a novel is not an easy task and so I have given myself the room to realistically achieve this goal in the way it wants to be written. So for me what this means is that this is the year I complete a draft of my novel. I want you to be proud of me. We have been through so much together. Life has not always been easy. But the magic that is happening in our lives right now–ooooooohhhhh girl the blessings are undeniable.

All right all right all right I will not get mushy–I will get to the point I’m writing you because I’m starting this 20 day writing challenge on the Trans Siberian Railway a group of writers and I leave tonight. The first assignment was to write a letter to a loved one, someone who would hold me accountable and I chose you. You will be receiving an email from me every day. It might be an email or it might be a quick Instagram post. The point is I will be sending you an update daily of my progress. And so tonight I’m writing to give you my goals.

My intentions during this 21 day challenge is to draft three essays, organize my research and work on my novel. My hopes during the next three weeks is to be inspired, to be open, present, try something new, take risks, meet new people, try new foods, and complete something that I am proud of. And so I’m about to board this flight. I love you I’ll check in when I land. Be safe.

Mami (Iyawó)

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