Day 2: Arrived to Vladivostok #21daywritingchallenge #transsiberianwriters

We just landed, went through immigration what a journey that was… more about that In my letter to you later. We are waiting for our luggage and then from here we head to our hotel. We are staying at the Hotel Zhemchuzhina.

Once we rest, freshen up and do our writing for the day we will meet for dinner. Please send me your IG name so that I can tag you on all posts and we can all stay connected via IG.

Today’s C2C and prompts:

1. Check in
2. Rest
3. Review trip schedule posted in IG
4. Day 2 prompt / personal writing
5. Quick email to our person that we arrived safely and check in with accountability partners.

Writing Prompts: (set timer for 25 minutes for daily prompts)

  1. We just landed…
  2. What I notice…
  3. Arriving to my room…
  4. What I feel in this space…
  5. Today I want to write about…

Writing time: EVERYDAY we will block at the very least 2 hours of writing time for our projects.

“Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”


Send daily check in email letting me know what you accomplished today. Your emails will help me come up with prompts – –

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