Day 3: A Seaport City

Definitely feeling jet lagged. I just woke up and it’s almost noon in Russia—its Sunday—its still Saturday in New York. Today is a complete blur and tomorrow our adventure. Let’s get our writing done and then it’s a complete rest day.

to my sisters and brothers… Have a beautiful #PuertoRicanDayParade

Today’s C2C and prompts:

1. Late lunch with writers
2. Sight seeing
3. Group writing session.
4. Rest — train ride begins tomorrow.

Prompts: Sunday, June 11th 12:53pm

Describe Vladivostok as the setting for a story or piece of work you are creating. What is it about this place? What are the people like? How do they see you? Think about the piece you want to work on today. What have you seen today that you can put in the story?

Writing time: everyday we will block at the very least 2 hours of writing time for our projects.

Send daily check in email let me know what you accomplished today. Your emails will help me come up with prompts.

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