Day 4: Boarding the Train #transsiberianwriters#writingchallenge

Our train departed at 13:10. It was a little stressful this morning. It’s not easy organizing a large group of writers. Some folks were running behind schedule and we almost missed our train. It’s not easy catching another train because the schedules run odd days. But we made it.

Just wanted to drop a quick note. The internet is kind of wacky. Will write more later.

Screenshot 2017-06-12 at 8.14.43 AM


1. Describe your morning. What happened today? How are you feeling? Is there anyone you are missing?

2. Who have you met on the journey?

3. How do you like the bed on the train?

4. What do you want your person back home to know about your first few days in Russia?

5. As you think about all the ideas for stories or essays you want to create which are the top (3)? **Once you’ve made this list, pick the one that seems the hardest to enter. The one that makes your stomach do summersaults. This is the one we focus on today.

Writing Prompt: Today I will begin writing the moment that scares me… (what moment is this?)

Writing time: Everyday we will block at the very least 2 hours of writing time for our projects.

Send daily check in email let me know what you accomplished today. Your emails will help me come up with prompts:

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