Journal entry ~ Day 2 #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia

Saturday, June 10th

Dear Courtney,

I don’t know whether to say good morning or evening to you. When you wake up I will definitely be in bed–out cold.

You would love Vladivostok it’s near the water. The hotel is cute, it’s kind of a boutique. I wanted us to be comfortable when we landed. Today we ate at Palau–you know we love fish. The food is amazing. They’ve got a sort of Asian Russian fusion thing happening here. “Golden pancakes with red caviar and crispy pickled cucumbers” STOP! it just warms my heart. Lol. Oh I know you didn’t think I would be traveling on a budget. I can skimp on the hostels and give myself self guided tours, but food. I want to try everything. Tomorrow we are heading to a sushi joint. Don’t worry I still intend on eating clean. NO fried food. Nyet on the fried food.

Enough about the food.

You want to know how the writing is coming? It’s been slow. I haven’t really done much writing yet. But it’s ok. The jet lag is no joke. I’ve jotted some notes down, written some lines about the scenary, all that my senses are picking up. It’s like Newport yet more serious.

Today I learned how to pronounce:

dobroye utro – Good morning
Zdravstvuyte – Hello
Spasibo – Thank you
dobroy nochi – Good night
da – yes

I planned out my writing schedule for the next few weeks. I don’t intend to be so inflexible with my schedule. I want to meet people and learn some Russian. I may not post everyday since I’m not sure what the internet will be like on the train. Light candles for me baby.

We did some walking around today. I saw the Lenin statue. What I notice is that there is a large military presence and what I feel is the history of this place. You know me. I tried not to OD with my research in terms of what it would be like here because I’ve traveled enough to know that it’s only through experiencing culture for myself that I will really learn about who they are. I’m wishing I knew the language. I can’t imagine what they’re saying about this large group of brown and black faces walking around with pens and journals.

You worried about me being in my year in white and still going on this journey. I will write more about that in tomorrow’s letter.

I love you baby girl. Tell Yoseli and the fam I love them. I know they all want letters but I’m beat. I promise everyone will get a postcard.

I’m posting all the pics to my IG @aliciaanabelsantos


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