Day 5: Passing through Khabarovsk #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia #writingchallenge

We stopped at the Khabarovsk train stop today. There are so many smokers. I miss smoking. Smoking was part of my social etiquette. Glass of wine–cigarette. Cup of coffee–cigarette. After a great lovemaking session–cigarette. Folks seem mad stressed as they pull on that cigarette like it’s the last breath they will ever take. Yeah I miss it.

I had a bit of a migraine all night. I couldn’t get comfortable. I’m feeling a little anxious with so much on my mind. Where do I begin? Where do enter the story? I have changed my mind about my writing goals. I intended on writing an essay a week, but what wants to be written is the novel.


1. Email me your check in. What are your writing goals? Have you made any changes? How are you today? How is has your time been with the writers on the train?
2. What is coming up for you?
3. What discoveries have you made in your writing?
4. What has surprised you?
5. What was the one major goal you choose to focus on?

Writing prompt: The scene or piece I am writing today feels like…

Send daily check in email let me know what you accomplished today. Your emails will help me come up with prompts.

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