Day 13: The House of Special Purpose #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge #woctakerussia

It’s a beautiful Day in Irkutsk. Today is a special day on the journey for me I am celebrating a huge accomplishment in my life. I am all smiles and filled with hope. I am moving in the world with so much gratitude and I’m excited for what this day will bring. I love tours especially when they are connected to such important history such as the Romanov family murders. Today I want to spend time writing near the grave site. I actually enjoy writing in cemeteries. (Maferefun Oya. Modupue.)


1. Monastery of Blood (the place of the former Ipatiev’s house), museums and group dinner.

2. Writing near monastery. Writing prompt: 1. Today we will recreate a moment in our characters journey. We will allow ourselves to really feel what our characters are feeling. Today we allow our character to speak and our pens to just listen as it moves across the page. Take me back to a moment in their lives… an enjoyable moment, a scary moment, a celebration, or a tragedy. Write this scene in the first person. The character is telling us and showing us what happened then.

PROMPT: I remember…

Writing time: everyday we will block 5 hours of writing time for our projects. Please send me an update on your progress. Where are you getting stuck? How can I support you?

Email me the subjects you are writing about and I will provide prompts that tie into your needs. (check out photos on my IG)



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