Day 14: On the Europe & Asian border leaving Yekaterinburg #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge #woctakerussia

Today I am thinking about my daughter and I am meditating on her abilities and gifts. There is so much she has already given the world just by being born. So today as I continue on this journey, one that is getting more challenging by the second, I am praying for her safety and ours. And yours. I am praying that she always knows what she’s made of. And I pray that I have served as an example of goodness. Of greatness. I love you.

Two weeks ago today, we accepted an amazing challenge. This trip to Russia has not been easy. 14 days of traveling through the unknown–we could never have really prepared for this trip and all that we’ve experienced in such a short amount of time. .
Today we are writing about the unknown.
1. Full day of travel.
2. Reflect on some of your favorite stops so far–what will you remember?
3. Writing day.

Writing prompt:

1. And then it happened (write about something unexpected, a surprise, a guest coming without announcing themselves…)

Writing time: everyday we will block 5 hours of writing time for our projects. Please send me an update on your progress. Where are you getting stuck? How can I support you? Email me the subjects you are writing about and I will provide prompts that tie into your needs.


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