Day 15: Things that Trigger #writingchallenge #transsiberianwriters

Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 11.28.07 PM
We are in our final days together. Can you believe we have journeyed together for two full weeks? Writers of color on a train in sea of whiteness. This has been such a test of endurance. What is required is stamina. What is required is faith.
We’ve stopped in Yekaterinburg for the day.

1. Today’s a good day to plan our last week.
2. Spend the day alone

Writing prompt:

Write about what has triggered you on this trip? Then turn around and use what you wrote for a scene where your character is experiencing the same thing.

Writing time: everyday we will block 5 hours of writing time for our projects. Please send me an update on your progress. Where are you getting stuck? How can I support you? Email me the subjects you are writing about and I will provide prompts that tie into your needs.


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