Day 16: Emotional Day ~ Yekaterinburg/Suzdal #transsiberianwriters

Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 11.41.01 PM
Saturday, June 24th ~

It’s nice to get off the train today. We are spending the night in Suzdal and I get to take a long shower in an actual bathroom. Praise the goddesses. Worry is beginning to set in. This writing is getting harder but the journey has been is beautiful. So much is rising for me in terms of why I write and who I write for. I’m feeling emotional missing my babies. But I am committed!

Today we are pushing our writing. Let’s go. .

1. Couple of hours of site seeing.
2. Find a place to sit and write. .

Writing prompt:

What worries your character? Who does your character confide in? What is at the root of this worry?
Writing time:

Everyday we will block 5 hours of writing time for our projects. Please send me an update on your progress. Where are you getting stuck? How can I support you? Email me the subjects you are writing about and I will provide prompts that tie into your needs.


Send daily check in email:

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