Sunday, June 25th

Today is PRIDE in my beloved New York City 💙💛💚❤️💜🌈💙

I am very lucky to come from a country that for the most part allows me to have some freedoms. As we get closer to Moscow, the excitement of being in Russia is beginning to fade because the reality is that while it’s beautiful here it is not safe for me to be me in the full expression of who I am. I can’t wear my rainbow gear. My computer has to be covered and my lesbian stickers hidden. I’m feeling more alert, more guarded and am walking with a lot more caution.

Hiding who we are and #pride go hand in hand. Coming out for me was personal and political. We don’t need to be ashamed of who we are. #outandproud
1. Play music and dance all day Calvin Harris on pandora fam.
2. Write a love letter to family member or person checking in. *
Writing prompts:
1. Write about a moment where your character has felt ashamed. What were they dealing with? Describe with as much detail and dialogue what they went through or are going through. Free write this fast. Get it out of your body.
2. Write about a moment of incredible pride. What does this look like? What are the moments your character rises and shows us what they are really made of?

Today I am thinking of and praying for those missing in #Chechnya sending out so much #LOVE

I dedicate this song to you ALL: How deep is your love HAPPY PRIDE 💛💚❤️💙💜🌈 Write at least 2 hours today.


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