Day 19: Back in the USSR! #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge


There’s a reason why I planned our trip this way I wanted to start at the end to arrive at our final destination. That’s how I feel about my story. What happens at the end? Who is my character? What has her journey? Who are my main characters when the chapter closes?

Starting in Vladivostok was intentional because there was a pacing I had hoped for our writing. I also knew that ending in Moscow would help us with our reentry into the United States.
1. Welcome to Moscow we are here two full days so enjoy.
2. Today we check into hotel and yes we are staying at Bohemia Boutique Hotel – Moscow. #treatyourselfgirl
3. Day of tourism
4. Meet for dinner
Writing Prompt:
1. What happens at the end of your story? Is there resolution? Have the questions all been answered? Write from this place.
Write at least 2 hours today.


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