The NYC Latina Writers Group’s Fundraiser Benefit for Mexico y El Caribe!

IMG_3699Peace family!

For the past eleven years the NYC Latina Writers Group has been a space of sisterhood, solidarity and community. We have gathered and celebrated countless writer accomplishments such as, one women shows and publishing / self-publishing books. We are writers by day, Ph.D. students by night. We are mothers who still find the time to write. Some have become teaching artists sharing their gifts with the world. And others have gone on to having very successful writing careers, speaking at colleges, and attending residencies globally. We have awarded scholarships to writers who have given back to our communities and we continue to grow. We are over 700 women writers strong! In keeping with the tradition of celebrating who we are and all we have accomplished this year’s theme is:

WATCH US! We’re just getting started!

Historically, people of color, women of color have always survived! When we remember to call on the strength of our ancestors, our traditions and our cultures we are reminded that we have always been able to find a way out of the darkest of moments. Right now with our political climate and mother nature completely slamming us, now more than ever we need writers. We need artists. We need creators. We need folks to speak up! We need to stand up! And we must come together to ensure that we are not erased–although some might wish we would disappear. However, we aren’t going anywhere! We are just getting started!

This is a call to RISE UP!

As of yesterday, Sep. 30th weeks after the 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico killing an estimated 400 people (these numbers are only of those recovered) and destroyed 155,000 buildings, I’ve noticed that no one is really talking about helping MEXICO! We must come together to help our brothers and sisters.

In New York we have seen an outpouring of Puerto Ricans and allies coming together to hold our government accountable for showing up late to help Puerto Rico. We have yet to really know the numbers of those affected by the two hurricanes that came back to back. As of today there are over 12,000 Puerto Ricans in shelters. Most of the caribbean was slammed. Barbuda, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, as well as Florida were not spared.

During this anniversary it is important that people show up and show out! WE NEED YOU! WE ARE ALL WE HAVE! Please bring what you can. We are calling on Artists, Writers, Artesanas y Artesanos to donate art or books that we will raffle.

Monies raised will be given to organizations on the grassroots level who are helping to rebuild these communities. Your donations will be distributed Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Barbuda.

WATCH US! We’re just getting started!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

7pm – 10pm

2474 Westchester Ave.
Bronx, NY

Hosted by Alicia Anabel and Angulo Productions

Poetry, Performances & Music by TBA (A DOPE LINE UP STAY TUNED)!!!

Free | gratis al público

Suggested donation of $10 OR SUPPLIES – See list below.

Sponsored by BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Angulo Productions, and Woke Foods.

We thank you for your support. Please spread widely.

Alicia and Wendy

• Bottled Water
• Baby wipes
• Hand sanitizer
• Diapers (baby diapers / adult diapers)
• Canned foods
• Dry foods
• Baby formula
• Garbage bags
• Towels
• Canned milk
• Canned and dry pet food
• Baby and adult pain relief medicine
• Stomach and Diarrhea relief medicine
• Mosquito repellant
• Blankets
• Pillows
• First-aid kits
• Laundry detergents
• Dish soap
• Cots

PLEASE EMAIL Alicia Anabel Santos OR Wendy Angulo if you are interested in donating ART or your BOOK for our raffle.

With love,
Wendy and Alicia

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