#2: Mamá Tingó
Mamá Tingó (born Florinda Muñoz Soriano; November 8, 1921) was a Dominican activist leader and defender of the rural farming community in Dominican Republic. She was assassinated fighting against the unjust plunder of the resident farmers’ land in Hato Viejo in Yamasá during the second government under Joaquín Balaguer one of the president of the Dominican Republic.
The story: Landholder Pablo Díaz Hernández enclosed 8,000 acres of land with barbed wire and uprooted the famers’ crops. On November 3, 1974, the farmworkers of Hato Viejo appeared in front of the Tribunal of Monte Plata where the case was held to return the land to the rightful owners, but the landholder Pablo Díaz did not attend the hearing. When Mamá Tingó returned to her farm, she discovered that the foreman Ernesto Díaz (Durín), employee of the landholder, had released her pigs. She went to gather them, but the foreman was hidden and took advantage of the moment and shot her with a shotgun. Mamá Tingó tried to defend herself with a machete, but two shots, one in the head and one to the chest, killed her. She died in Hato Viejo at 52 years old.
Her legacy: She was an activist! A leader! A warrior! Mamá Tingó fought for the rights of farmworkers and won the rights of more than 300 families to own their lands.

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