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When I decided to share my list of #afrolatinastoknow I did so because it was important for me that our little black and brown girls, high school girls, college girls see themselves reflected. I am celebrating women that I admire for their scholarship and contributions to fighting for, defending and owning our #blackness as well as showcasing their strength. While I am celebrating #afrolatinas in academia, dance, literature and music I have chosen women who yes can shake their ass, but who are #unapologeticallyblack. The next woman I am honoring is the espectacularrrrrrr Amara “La Negra”!!! I have been reflecting so much on: 







and this woman embodies so much of what I love about being a woman, being a black woman, and being a Dominican woman. Her success has not come easy… cuz it ain’t easy being a black woman breaking into “the business” pick any business. Most recently she has posted quite a bit on how unsupportive and offensive our people can be, she has even been accused of wearing “#blackface and don’t get me started on the Dominican Beauty Queen who actually came on a show in DR in black face making fun of her!!! Yet the hate has not stopped her! Amara is doing her thing! She is about to be on Love and Hip Hop and I know she’s gonna kill it! Esta negra que tiene mas que tumbao… ella ES hip hop, reggaeton, R&B, bachata y merengue!!! This HUGE voice with a killer body and a beautiful soul is leaving her mark! Te celebro mi negra bella!!! #orgullodominicano
Check out @amaralanegraaln 
IG *** to more pics visit my IG at @afrolatinadiary


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