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I knew who would be my #9 from jump! I have given this giant of a short woman the nine spot intentionally in honor of #oyayansa 🌪🌪🌪mi Madre, because Cardi B is a fucking tornado… she is a force. She’s not playing any games. She is doing her thing! Mothaf*ckers never saw her coming!!!! Well those closest to her definitely did. Like any good mommy you listen when your daughter says, “Mama I love Cardi B, you have to watch her videos. She keeps it so real. She’s from the Bronx. She don’t give a f! She gives me life!”

And so that’s how I found #Bardi.

Then I learned that she is part Trinidad, part la República Dominicana, but mostly she is 100% her!!! She is the definition of #authentic. She is street with a whole lot of hood. Born Belcalis Almanzar, she has me questioning all kinds of things around #sexuality and being a #respectablewoman.

I’ve been having some amazing conversations on #feminism #womanism and what being a “good #rolemodel” looks like, and how for some folks Cardi “isn’t a good role model for kids”. She keeps it real when she says, “be your own kids role model, when I was little I wanted to me like my mom!” Yeah she was a stripper! Y que! Yeah she’s from the Bronx! Y que! And yes she’s out here killing it! There’s so much I want to say about her and what she symbolizes but I will leave you with some of her poetry:

“Look, I don’t dance now
I make money moves
Say I don’t gotta dance
I make money moves
If I see you and I don’t speak
That means I don’t fuck with you”

And so to all those who are criticizing her watch your back a tornado is coming!
Daughter @shhushyourlips, this pick was for you! 💋💋💋@iamcardib we are wishing you love, joy and happiness and so much money banks can’t even hold it!

#hennessycarolina #cardib

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