Dear Family & Friends:

It has been a minute since I have posted on my blog.

I wanted to drop in to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the 16 years of support during my writers journey. Thank you for reading my words. Thank you for sharing my work. Thank you for sharing this space with me. Today I am so thankful to be out of the darkness. I am thankful to be writing again. I am thankful for my mother, father, siblings, cousins, and friends. I am thankful for my tribe. I am thankful for my beautiful partner and my amazing daughter.

There are so many amazing things happening in my life right now, and for the first time in a long time, I have chosen not to post all of it in real time.

I have been practicing being present.

I have been reflecting on keeping some things for me.

I have been taking care of myself and my body.

I am feeling so  fucking good these days–this is what I wanted to share today.

I wanted to share HOW VERY HAPPY I AM right now, in this moment.

I am not thinking about yesterday. I am not worried about tomorrow. In the NOW–all is good! And so wherever you are in the world know that I am sending you love and am grateful for your presence in my life. And so it is. Ache’. Modupue’



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