We Care About What Others Think!

We Care About What Others Think! Ep. 49 ~ Afrolatina Show

Why do we care what others think? Today’s diary is my reflection on seeking approval. “We want to be seen and heard. We want to be respected and validated. We want them to be proud of us. We want to be affirmed.” Some people’s opinions really matter to us. In today’s episode I share moments from my life that could have destroyed my writer’s path and my spiritual journey! One almost crushed me, the other attempted to ruin my reputation! These opinions can make us question who we are and why we are doing what we do. There are things we must keep away from others! Oftentimes we seek approval sometimes from people and experiences that don’t serve us–there are people who do not have the best of intentions. There is only one opinion that really matters!!!

Watch youtube video: https://youtu.be/D4ZKq5Bni8Y

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