The Writer and The Story, Aligning With Our Story’s Intention! WFW Workshop is Back!


Writing from the Womb (WFW) is back! We kick off our workshop this weekend. This session of WFW has focused goals, clear intentions and hard deadlines. There is some fear that rises with deadlines but also a tremendous amount of excitement if we allow it. We are being called to sit down and write the story. Our writing goal is to have at least 50 pages of NEW writing. Breathe. Don’t be afraid. Trust that I can hold you during this process. We all need support and someone cheering for us. Writing is not easy. But I believe in you and I know you can do this! They call me the Writing Midwife for a reason, a title I carry with great privilege and pride, to be able to gently and sometimes not so gently, push you to dive deeper, to dig, and really live inside your story is a gift.

Welcome back!

If you are receiving this message it is because you are ready! You answered the call and you are ready to step up your game. You expressed interest in getting to work and being supported during the writing process. I know how grueling writing can be. I know the voices that try to stop us from creating quite well, they have taken up residence in my home and mind, many a night and are my uninvited guests. The fear is real. The loneliness is real. The heaviness is real. But so is the joy. There is joy to be found in writing. I had forgotten why I picked up my pen in the first place and this year was reminded why I love this craft that has chosen me. I want to support you in getting back into that chair and honoring your stories. These days I am listening to my stories with intention. It’s not about what I want to say, it’s about what the story wants to reveal to me. What do my characters want to say? What is my story’s intention? This session our workshop is titled:

Writing from the Womb: The Writer and The Story, Aligning With Our Story’s Intention!

WFW is open to writers at all levels, all genres, all womyn of color, womyn identified and non-binary.

Class meets this Sunday, April 15th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM (please plan your commute accordingly).


LOCATION: emailed once registered. To rsvp email:


WEEK 1 (4/15) – Beginning the story/essay/project

WEEK 2 (4/22) – Middle of the story/essay/project

WEEK 3 (4/29) – End of the story/essay/project

WEEK 4 (5/20) – Revisions

WEEK 5 (6/3)  – Workshop


1 on 1 conference call – week of 5/6

1 on 1 conference call – week of 5/13

Weekly write-ins – evenings (TBD)

Conference calls and write-ins are required.

Readings: as applicable

FEE: $300 for five weeks (20% off for returning WFW students) – non-refundable

Payment plan available. You can pay the full amount via zelle or paypal “friends and family” email to use: — link for paypal:

Payment Schedule – please process on or before due date:

April 14 – $60

April 22 – $60

April 29 – $60

May 6 – $60

May 13 – $60

I look forward to seeing you. Please confirm your attendance and thank you in advance for sending your first payment.


Alicia Anabel

The Writing Midwife

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