Poetry Workshop with JF Seary

Even if you have been writing for 20 years or 6 months we are all beginners. There is always room to learn something new and strengthen our craft. Join us for a poetry workshop with one of the founding members of the NYC Latina Writer’s Group, the brilliant and fierce JF Seary!
A workshop for emerging poets to learn form, style, and voice.
Date: May 12, 2018, at BAAD 2474 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY
Time: 1:00pm-3:30pm
Workshop Fee: $15
RSVP: email to wendyang75@gmail.com
OR directly reserve your spot at Eventbrite – Poetry with Seary
J. F. Seary is a Nuyorican poet and actor. Her performance career began at Binghamton University. Since then, she has performed at the Nuyorican Poets Café, the Bowery Poetry Club, and Le Poisson Rouge. She has performed in American cities such as NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, L.A., Grand Rapids, and Orlando. She has also performed in London, U.K. and San Juan, P.R. In addition, she has toured colleges across the country with her solo poetry show and with Urbintel’s HerStory. J.F. Seary has performed in both classical and contemporary theatrical productions including; Shakespeare’s King Lear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and As You Like It. Contemporary plays include Vivisection, In The Cypher, Soledad Speaks, and Latin Lives. Recently, she completed a limited engagement of Black Latina Production’s Of Mothers and Men. She recently concluded working on Necromancer (tv series) and 13th Avenue (tv series). J.F. Seary currently participates in a monthly cultural commentary show Latinas Chat Media: Brunch and continues to live and work in NYC and is humbled and eternally grateful for the continued love and support. For more information or bookings: http://www.jfseary.webs.com.
Co-founded in 1998 in the historic Banknote Building in Hunts Point by the celebrated and award-winning dancer/choreographer Arthur Aviles and writer/activist/publicist Charles Rice-Gonzalez, BAAD! (The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance ) began as a home for Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre, a contemporary dance company that explores works on the margins of Latino and queer cultures.
BAAD is our home away from home. It has become a safe refuge for people of color to come together to celebrate life, love and art in all its forms. The NYCLWG is grateful to partner with and have a home at BAAD the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Stay tuned for more inspiring workshops


The NYC Latina Writers Group was founded in 2006 by Alicia Anabel Santos. Currently, it has an active membership of over 750 writers. For ten years it has been an organization that supports Latina Writers from New York, however, there are members from across the United States. The NYCLWG was established for Latinas and women of color who were in need of having a place of their own, where their stories could be born and their voices heard. It is a professional network for seasoned and emerging writers.  This writers group is a safe space for writers of all genres. The NYCLWG is supported by many women of color groups and writing organizations. The NYCLWG offers writing workshops, monthly writer circles, and daily writing prompts. It hosts several readings and performances throughout the year. All aspiring, emerging and published writers are welcome! All NYCLWG events and workshops are open to Latinx and WOC. NYCLWG is a space for womyn writers (female, womyn identified and non-binary) we are an safe and inclusive space! For more information join us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nyclwg/ and FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @NYCLWG

**All NYCLWG events and workshops are open to Latinx and WOC. NYCLWG is a space for womyn writers (female, womyn identified and non-binary) we are an safe and inclusive space!
***This workshop is made possible by a Poets & Writers grant! Thank you PW for your support!

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the NYCLWG Team!

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