Launching #150wordbookreview

What’s up book lovers! So today I kick off a new segment of my blog titled: #150wordbookreview.

Here I will share my thoughts on the books I am loving or NOT loving and why!

Today I kick off my launch by reviewing:

HOURGLASS: Time, Memory, Marriage by Dani Shapiro 

dani shapiro


Dani Shapiro’s, “Hourglass Time, Memory, Marriage #memoir” takes us through her life in BK, CT, teaching all over the world and that time her family almost died on a vessel in Alaska. An intimate portrait into the life of lovers, dealing with real fears about success, failure, parenting, and endings. D is careful about the moments and memories she chooses to share. Not too much is given, just enough to keep us turning the page. It is a love story born out of the idea that some days we like our partners and other days we hate them. “It had been a time of erosion…” D writes, on life being a series of high and low moments. It is in the pain that we learn whether we will stay. “Write about what “could have” happened,” she tells writers. This memoir is a wonderful reflection on love, loss, grief, and disappointment.

Dani Shaprio IG – read more books!

PS. My favorite book by the author is STILL WRITING

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© Alicia Anabel Santos (if you quote a writer, credit a writer)!

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