Getting back to basics… #thewriterandthestory

It has been many months since I have written a blog post. There is something really special about keeping an online blog where you can connect with complete strangers and invite them if only with a few words into your world. I have missed writing on this platform… the platform that helped give birth to a shy writer. Writing blogs was a way for me to just put myself out there into the world without having to answer to anyone. The writer in me has changed quite a bit over the last 17 years. As writers we do have a responsibility to be mindful about the things we put out in the world. And what we write and care about might change. I believe that as a writer everything I put out must have an intention. I ask myself daily, WHAT IS MY INTENTION TODAY? What is my intention behind coming back to my blog? I miss connecting. I miss sharing. The process of learning myself has revealed many things to me, mostly, don’t be in such a rush to get published! Do the work! Be patient! Let it sit! Don’t speak about it until its time. And in this way I have grown tremendously as a writer. I have learned to not put things out into the world until I believe it is ready. And so, I am ready. I invite you to journey with me into MY WRITER’S LIFE! Here I will be sharing what I am reading, where I am struggling, what I am learning and what I am writing. We don’t have to do this alone. I invite you to join me!


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