Day 20 ~ When Your Mind is a Mess

Do you feel like you’re a mess these days? Do the people you love the most constantly remind you of the ways you start something and can’t finish it? Telling you, “you have so many amazing ideas but can’t seem to finish one?” I have been feeling quite messy… so today I decided I would admit this publicly, because I am doing the work privately to try and figure out how to manage the mess. Today I had an amazing breakthrough when it comes to my writing.  Some of are us are juggling so many things, so many projects and brilliant ideas that may or may not make us millions, but are we staying with anything for the time it takes to get it done… and by getting it done I mean getting it done well? The truth is we can’t do everything and tackle every idea at the same time… that’s how we set ourselves up and let ourselves down. Today I am reflecting on how the outside mess can mess with our insides and this never serves the work. Today I wrote my writers affirmations.

Today’s writing prompts:
What’s on my mind today…
How I can be more loving with myself…
How I will greet the page today…

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