Feeling Free and Clear ~ Day 2 #creativeclarity #socialmediapurge

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Good morning family!


I am officially off of social media and I must say that I am feeling so many strange sensations. I have taken breaks before but this time it feels like a break up. Facebook, twitter and Instagram have become this toxic relationship that I have needed to just kick to the curb. Like any dysfunctional relationship there is a love / hate thing that happens. I love the messages that inspire me and touch my soul, I love seeing the people I LOVE and admire WINNING, but I really dislike the posts that trigger me or make me angry. And so it was time for a HUGE change. When did social media become this all-encompassing-completely time consuming thing? When did what someone said about someone become the only topic of conversation overheard at a bar? It feels like most days’ conversations only start with, “Did you see what such and such said on Facebook? did you see what so and so was wearing in that IG post—it was so not flattering!” The culture is changing so rapidly that I feel like for my mental and spiritual health I just need to STOP! Full stop! Cold turkey! Put the syringe down! I have so many projects and amazing art living in my body waiting for me to give birth to. And so I am done! Goodbye to all of that 365 days of me GOING IN! 365 days of me going inward! 365 days of completing my novel in progress, memoir in progress, seven children’s books in progress and so many beautiful things I want to gift the world.


I am not saying this purge will be easy. Just yesterday I found myself searching for the applications on my phone and getting sad that they are all gone. It can feel like turning off a life support machine! Do we really need social media to breathe? To feel that we are alive? To feel seen? To feel like we matter? To feel loved? 


When did social media turn into necessary validation and replace heart to heart connection?


I am not going to lie and say that this is going to be easy, it has only been one day and I’m actually feeling a little anxious. I am absolutely missing some people I follow. It’s crazy that I am anxious about what I am missing. My chest feels tight, but what I understand this morning is that the anxiety has nothing to do with social media and what I am or am not missing… it is because now I am being called to task!!! Now I don’t have social media to blame for not getting the writing done or chasing my dreams. Now I have nothing to hide from. Now I have freed my time to read more, edit more, grow more, study more, learn more and write more. Now I have time to handwrite letters to people in my life. Now I have time to put the phone down and look at people eye to eye. So stay tuned. I will be doing so much more writing—I can feel it.



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