Spiritual Weapons ~ July Newsletter 002

Hey everyone! 


I hope you are all having an amazing summer. I am sending a quick update to let you know what I have been up to. I recently returned from traveling to Cuba (thank you dual citizenship) after being there for three weeks and now I am spending time with my daughter on the West Coast. Cuba was phenomenal. I have returned with spiritual weapons. One of the things I have been feeling deeply is a need to arm myself. We are living through some challenging times and what helps me to feel protected and grounded is creating art, writing and my spiritual practice.

Part of my spiritual practice is providing readings for myself and others. If you haven’t checked out my La Santera YouTube channel or podcast definitely check out my daily tarot reading.

My sabbatical has officially begun. I am a full time artist starting right now. As of today, August 1, 2019 I am committed to a three month deadline for my historical fiction novel. I can’t wait to share the journey with you.

When I talk about spiritual weapons I am talking about how we are arming ourselves spiritually. What are the types of things a person must do in order to practice self-care and navigate toxic spaces. In my podcasts and YouTube vlogs I share practical techniques we can all tap into.

Being a Santera is a huge part of my life and is how I arm myself.


I want to thank all of the Santera/os, Ogbas, and friends who received me while I was in Havana. To my padrino Leo TE AMO!!! La Nina! Leya! Mi padrino Adrian! Maferefun Eggun! Maferefun la Ocha! Moyuba Olofi! 

More from Cuba


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It is often scary to choose what is unpopular. As I begin this year of focusing on my art full time I am thinking about what true support looks like.

Virginia Woolf published a book titled, A Room of One’s Own where she reflects on what women writers need in order to focus on the work without feeling guilty, where the work is the priority and where women have the resources they need to write without distraction. While Virginia had the luxury of being born into an affluent family in her work she makes the case for why women writer’s should have a room of our own where we can complete works of art. It is my hope that I and other women of color continue to create these spaces and find the support we need. 


With love, 

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