New Years Rituals ~ Manifestation & Setting Intentions ~ Ep. 363

It is never too late to begin again! Your NEW YEAR can start whenever you decide!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! While I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions I do believe in setting intentions. Today I share my rituals and practices for saying goodbye to 2018 and how we can welcome 2019!

Wishing you peace, love and prosperity! 


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3 thoughts on “New Years Rituals ~ Manifestation & Setting Intentions ~ Ep. 363

  1. (episode 363) This ritual has been a liberating and exciting one, Thank you!!!. I have always loved to write down things I am done with and burn it up in flames in my Abalone sea shell especially during a full moon and then blow it out of my fire escape. I too have a love and fascination with fire …… But with this I learned to take it far away from my apartment which makes more sense to me and I loved the idea and feeling. I also liked the idea of writing a goodbye letter to 2018, the things I am done with, and sending it off with love and gratitude. While also writing, keeping, and sealing a 2019 letter with firm intentions/manifestations. Writing the list first surely helped. Thank you for sharing the love and speaking on recharging not only your crystals but also your manuscript, journals, and your home. I recharge my crystals/stones with sage and under the moon in water and I cleanse my home, floors, and altars with Florida water but I am going to look into the other waters you kindly shared as well and incorporate recharging not only my crystals/stones but all that holds close to my heart. Thank you for the meditational guidance and prompts during this process. also what stuck is not to judge the letter, but to write it with all of my heart, taking my time with it, and really feeling in within my body.

    One Love Light and Peace.


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