When the Writing is Crap ~ Ep. 359

Some days you just don’t have the words. Some days you don’t know how to enter the story or where you even want to begin. Sometimes we writers really struggle with trusting our voice! Even the crappy writing is part of the process. What do we do when we lose interest in our words and hate what we have on the page? When the writing is shitty that’s still part of the process. How do we navigate the space where we aren’t really comfortable writing in certain spaces, when you don’t feel its safe to write your stories?

Writing prompts/meditation:
I am struggling today with…
I am having a hard time writing about…
I need the strength to write about…
When I think about writing xyz (fill in the blank) what comes up for me is…
What’s blocking me is…
What I am afraid to write is…
My intention for today is..

What I am afraid to write is HATE!!! I am reflecting on this. How do we write the thing we fear and the things that make us uncomfortable?

MY INTENTION for today is to honor what I need.

Wishing you peace, love and prosperity! 


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