La Santera Pop Up Shop Business Launch

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT !!! I am thrilled to share the launch of LA SANTERA Spiritual Consulting Firm 🙏🏾

Alicia Anabel Santos is a consecrated iyalocha-priestess and initiated daughter of Oggun and Oya in the Lucumi-Ifa-Regla de Ocha tradition. Anabel is the Founder of LA SANTERA, a spiritual consulting firm providing counseling to individuals and businesses looking to thrive rather than just survive. La Santera offers consultas/readings and spiritual retreats where one can learn in depth about the Yoruba tradition. We also facilitate ceremonies for those interested and who have been called. La Santera will work with those with whom a magnetic energy can be felt and recommends you not work with anyone to whom you don’t feel connected! Spiritual connections are an important part of spiritual practice. Working with the spiritual guidance of La Santera and her team/spiritual family can produce results such as a deepening spiritual practice, healing, grappling with intergenerational trauma, ancestor honor, manifestation, guidance, and ascension. Connect with her and take the next steps on your spiritual journey. MUST RSVP link in bio 👆🏾Eventbrite

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